The TC Foundation

The TC Foundation is an approved 501(c)(3) Private Foundation. This gives us the ability to fund causes desperately needing support directly, both here in the United States and Internationally. The TC Foundation supports causes in Defense, Argriculture, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Health & Wellness, Special Needs and other areas.

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ATAC Global

ATAC Global is a forward-thinking company that takes a holistic approach in providing strategic and operational risk mitigation services. With a global network of experienced personnel, ATAC (Advanced Tactics And Countermeasures®) helps clients develop the strategies necessary to address the realities of conducting business in developing parts of the world. Providing the integration of specific threat abatement procedures into our client’s standard operating procedures allows them to focus on their core competencies.

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ATAC University

The ATAC University is a complete, custom LMS (Learning Management System) dedicated to providing the most in-depth digital training to agencies, private contractors and military personnel, not open to the public. ATAC University's training has a proven track record of providing auditory, kinesthetic, and hands-on training, greatly reducing the human and financial costs of mistakes both in the field and during training.

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Code Tactics®

A technology incubator and accelerator, providing not just funding, but the platforms, frameworks, hardware, and infrastructure to build norm-shattering startups that are lean, zero debt, and low dependency.

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TC Properties & Development

Tom's journey in real estate began in his early 20s, starting with single rental homes. He expanded into medical buildings, industrial parkways, mid-rises, and more. Tom arrived at a turning point in his late 20s, when he met his real estate mentor, Michael Dezer, as fellow car enthusiast (Michael and Tom both collect cars, but Michael is the king of cars!). They shared a memorable drive in one of Michael's Rolls-Royce’s, during which Michael revealed the potential of Sunny Isles Beach's high-rise developments. Today...decades later, Sunny Isles Beach stands as a testament of Michael’s teachings and vision, which now hosts one of the largest concentrations of billionaires in the world. Decades later, Tom continues to work and expand his real estate holdings.

Tommy Jets®

Tommy Jets® provides its clients with private air transportation. With standards from Tom’s wide-ranging experience, Tommy Jets ensures safety, privacy, service, and most importantly, comfort while helping clients reach their destination.

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Tommy Drones®

Tommy Drones® combines the drone expertise forged from decades of experience as ATAC Robotics, with the technical expertise of the Code Tactics team. In addition to pioneering the first use of drones for anti-piracy and many other tasks, Tommy Drones private air transportation for clients using human drone taxis is a reality. Need to get from Miami, NYC or other major USA cities? Tommy Drone Taxi Service has developed the solution. The use of drones for human transportation will revolutionize travel to/from airports and common travel destinations; and that is just the beginning.

Tommy Cars®

Starting as early as age 8, Tom bonded with his father by working on cars, entering them into Concours shows and winning many awards. Upon purchasing his first car, a Ford Mustang GT, he was hooked for life. Tommy's perspective on our love of vehicles and how they make us see our environment, products, and people differently encouraged him to share his car collection clients and their audiences.

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Tommy Knife®

Tommy Knife is built upon Tom’s unique knowledge and past. Tommy Knives serve as tools, weapons, and heirlooms for their owners. The Tommy Knife company also serves as a special purpose in support many of our favorite causes for veterans and service men and women, often making incredibly valuable and unique knives for charitable auction, with 100% of the proceeds supporting their cause.

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Hytiva is a global cannabis industry giant and the largest privately owned portfolio of cannabis companies worldwide. Hytiva's Technology Suite of Services is a technological marvel, encompassing Point of Sale, Wholesale and Business Operations, captivating Menu Boards, cutting-edge Apps, Integrations, and more. Other Hytiva verticals are private labeling, allowing brands to carve a unique identity while expending their presence, and seamless Wholesale Distribution down to Consumer Delivery services offered nationwide. Hytiva’s expansive portfolio encompasses diverse cannabis enterprises across every industry vertical.

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Team Hytiva®

Team Hytiva, LLC is a growing, independent entity, responsible for promoting the Hytiva® brand and its sponsors, while encouraging competitors of all types. Team Hytiva's efforts began in off-road racing, including podium wins at the Baja 1000, the Mint 400, and many other races.

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Tracken is a leading provider of cannabis compliance, monitoring, tracking, and analytical technology for governments and regulatory bodies. Tracken's solutions make it simple, transparent, and rewarding to audit controlled assets, restricted goods and services, and much more.

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TapRoot is an innovative, licensed, cannabis oil production company, specializing in creating private label products to help cannabis brands expand and increase production capacity. Combining industry expertise, business experience, technology, and automation, TapRoot consistently makes advances in producing better products, more efficiently; creating better value for its customers and cannabis consumers alike.

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Las Vegas Home Management

Las Vegas Home Management brings a high-value alternative to the property management space, with an extremely high standard of service, provided by background checked, security screened, employees.

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Fast Verify

Fast Verify bridges the gap between innovative AI and human connection for facial verification, document compliance and other verification processes. Automate verification processes, while tailoring behaviors based on many human and AI factors with multiple intervention measures. Fast Verify doesn't just save time, it increases success rates and throughput of your compliance, onboarding, and security processes.

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