About Code Tactics®

Beyond the existing business that Tom has participated in, he is constantly working to pave the way for future entrepreneurs and the disruption of various industries that do not serve their market efficiently.

What began as a research and development branch of Tom's companies has become a unique incubator and accelerator model for seeding and scaling other businesses within the portfolio. Over decades, the constant focus on building innovative solutions, including the tools needed to operate efficient businesses and the frameworks to build new businesses from, has paid off for the companies this effort serves.

More than capital, the program offers expertise, tailored technologies adaptable to daily operational needs as well as products / services, and infrastructure services with minimal dependency on third parties.

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After decades of building teams to solve complex problems, making particularly strong relationships in technology along the way, Tom and principal engineers, Mike Kelp and Daniel Gozick, created a technology incubator with a different approach than most:

  • To provide computer software and development services, beyond capital, so young companies can stay focused on their products.
  • To solve common business problems with real solutions, based on our wealth of experience, and provide them to the portfolio of companies.
  • To mentor up-and-coming engineers, builders, and entrepreneurs, while providing them with infrastructure, framework, and tools to get to market quickly.

We believe the best solutions are developed at the fringes of multiple specialties, where the skills of a carefully chosen team meet and the spark of creativity is born. The operational goal of Codetactics is to create these connections.

Our Inspiration

Amid countless hours of working together in a unique range of industries, our team has always found time and resources to support like-minded individuals. From mentoring veterans in technology and business skills to spending time with makers, working on open source projects, and inspiring the next generation like us, we knew we wanted to do something special to help them get their ideas off the ground.

With this inspiration, Codetactics was born.