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ATAC Global realized early on that in order to more effectively train and meet the high standards of ATAC operational teams, digital learning would be required. They used courses designed personally by Tom Clarke®, developed from his many years of experience in operations and training teams. In addition to supporting their unique training structure, they also needed better guarantees for security of trainee information and unique features within the learning environment than typical digital learning systems can provide.

Built from the ground up, the ATAC University Learning Management System (LMS) provides efficient education on all platforms, training that incorporates auditory, kinesthetic and hands-on learning, with thorough verification through testing and review.

Combining vast knowledge and experience in the defense industry, and a team of technology professionals, ATAC University has trained many of the most highly trained, safety conscious, result proven operators in the world.

Special Note: ATAC Training courses are not open to the public, invitation or vetted referral only. All courses are restricted and designed for ATAC Staff and Clients.