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ATAC Global provides services all over the world, including training & e-learning, commercial maritime security, corporate security & recovery, UAV-Drone programs for anti-piracy / anti-poaching, and advanced robotics. Founded and built by Tom Clarke®, ATAC Global has a reputation built on decades of experience and proven success.


Maritime Security

From counter-piracy for oil tankers and cargo shipts, to yacht security, ATAC Global's reputation is unmatched.

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Corporate Security

From vulnerability assessments to kidnap & ransom, ATAC Global works on prevention and remediation of security concerns.

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Energy Security

Every citizen is affected when energy infrastructure is compromised. ATAC Global has spent decades protecting it.

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ATAC Robotics - Technology and Maritime Highlight

The following video highlights the power of combining new technology with one of the oldest world-wide problems, piracy. Watch how ATAC Global® provides an incredible advantage in anti-piracy, using technology to increase safety, security, and minimize risk to personnel. This is just one example of the innovative methods ATAC Global® brings to the industries it works within.

ATAC Range Day®

Every year, led by Tom Clarke®, ATAC Global hosts the ATAC Range Day®, a gathering of operations teams from over 45 different countries, held at Nellis Air Force Base. The event serves many purposes in this unique international community, including:

  • Showcasing the latest technologies, weapons, and tools released by defense companies of all sizes, including many veteran-owned startups.
  • Supporting the international community of operational teams and their countries.
  • Giving an opportunity for those coming home to gather with their peers and support each other in a fun environment.
  • Raising millions of dollars for charities, supporting veterans and their families.

ATAC Range Day® serves as a beacon of peace, support, and friendship among the defense community, with over a decade of history as a safe and welcoming event.

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    ATAC Global Range Day® Media Wall

    In addition to the 46+ countries represented at ATAC Global Range Day®, these are some of the exhibitors that attend.
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    ATAC Global Range Day® Welcome

    Tom Clarke®, Dick Marcinko (founder of SEAL Team 6), Wayne Hughes and other friends of the trade kicking off ATAC Global Range Day®