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Born at the pinnacle of form and function, Tommy Knives have quality and purpose in every element of their design, complimenting the beauty of both the materials and craftsmanship put into them. Blending the beauty and durability of carefully chosen hard woods and a wide range of other appropriate materials with the incredible strength of tool steel blades produces an heirloom, a tool, and a weapon in every single knife we make. Designed for use in real-world applications, as special gifts for family members, and one of a kind charitable auction items, forged from elements of history specially chosen for the people they benefit, Tommy Knife plays a unique role in Tom's corporate portfolio.

Charitable Causes

Tommy Knife has successfully raised funds for charities through auctions and other means over decades of work, with 100 cents of every dollar going to deserving causes, such as The Navy Seal Foundation, American Snipers, The White Heart Foundation, and more.

For The Navy Seal Foundation, for example, Tommy Knife created a blade with the grip made from teak, reclaimed with permission, from the deck of the U.S.S. California, creating a priceless artifact, worthy of the donations it brought to a good cause, while offering a means to cherish the sacrifices of those the foundation is for.

Watch for these unique items at the charitable events of organizations that Tommy Knife® supports and take home a unique combination of beauty, craftsmanship, history, and most importantly, support those who have sacrificed for all of us.